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Mat Sebbah

Matthieu Sebbah

Composer - Saxophonist

About Matthieu

Matthieu Sebbah is a French saxophone player and composer currently living in Montpellier (France).

After getting his PhD in applied mathematics and working in this filed as a researcher and professor for 6 years, Matthieu decided to reduce his scientific activities to complete his musical career. He obtained his Master certificate of Orchestration for Film and TV at Berklee ( and completed this formation with an advanced sound design course at the Point Blank Music School ( Presently, Matthieu is still studying Jazz saxophone at the Montpellier conservatory.

As a saxophonist, Matthieu had the opportunity to participate to various musical projects with different influences such as world music or experimental jazz. During his 6 years in Chile, he also collaborated with different Chilean « cantautores » such as Mauricio Redoles, the band Huaico and Pablo Urrutia.

Thanks to those projects, Matthieu went on different tours in South America (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay) and in Europe (France, Italia, Spain) and his music has been broadcasted on radio and TV of both continents.

« [Matthieu’s] acceptance to Berklee is a privilege reserved for those we determine have what it takes; in the spirit of our motto, esse quam videri—to be, rather than to seem. »

Damien S. Bracken, Admission Dpt, Berklee College of Music.

« Matthieu is a talented and hard-working musician. »

Ben Newhouse, Composer and Professor at Berklee of Composition and Orchestration.

« Matthieu is a determined and curious person, with a brilliant and imaginative mind when it comes to composition. »

Gabriele Vanoni, Composer and Professor at Berklee of Contemporary Techniques in Music Composition.

« Matthieu has made great strides in sound design in a very short space of time, and when combined with his clear musicality I believe this will make him a strong creative force. »

Chris Carter, Producer and Professor at Point Blank Music School in Sound Design.

Listen to Matthieu

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Videos of Matthieu

In the 3 following videos the music has been composed and synchronized by Matthieu:

The next videos present Matthieu as a saxophone player:

Contact Matthieu

For more informations, please contact me directly by phone, WhatsApp or email:

+33 7 69 99 34 64

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